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Top 10 Most Beautiful Spots in Turkey

Turkey is one of those unappreciated countries. There’s Istanbul, the gateway between Europe and Asia, which many people know, at least by photograph. But there’s so much more to this culturally rich country, so I thought I’d share with you 10 photo spots that will really change your mind about Turkey. It’s beautiful, great value for the wallet, and easy to get to. Consider it for your next trip.

The Frozen Waterfall

Pamukkale Calcium Formations

Hard to believe that isn’t ice, right? It’s hard as a rock – it’s stone! If you get up above them you’ll also see these blue pools, even more fooling you into thinking these are waterfalls! These gorgeous sights are near Pamukkale.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace

Istanbul has many beautiful sights, but this palace was once the administrative centre for the Ottoman Empire. It’s very special and every little detail seems to have an intricate touch.


Another natural land formation, the hills of Cappadocia seem like from another planet. A hot air balloon ride here is a must, an iconic experience.

The Library of Ephesus

DSC04288 Kusadasi Turkey-Ephesus

Turkey is one of the oldest countries in the world, and so some of its historic backdrops are also very ancient. What kind of books do you think this library would have housed?

The Theatre at Aspendos

Some of the vast seating at the Aspendos theater

Speaking of relics and architecture, the old theatre at Aspendos is so well preserved, one might think a show is about to begin. It’s a beautiful spot and  a must for history lovers.

Commagene Kingdom at Mt.Nemrut

This backdrop, particularly at sunset, will stay with you forever. They’re memorial monuments, and certainly well designed to make an impression.

Sümela Monastery

Hard to believe they managed to build such a unique construction, let alone that it has lasted the centuries.

The Blue Lagoon at Ölüdeniz

If you see a beach brochure for Turkey, it’s probably a photo of the blue lagoon, because it’s Turkey’s most picturesque spot. The sand is golden and the water always the perfect shade of turquoise. In the photo, the resort beach is along the bottom, and the lagoon is the pool at the top.


Selimiye Camii - Ανδριανούπολη

The city of Edirne is very similar to Istanbul in terms of sights and architecture, but it’s a bit more relaxed and less touristy, so it offers another perspective on the classic Turkish city.


Konya Mevlana Museum

Last but not least is the city of Konya, known also for its unique style of architecture, but also it’s called the city of whirling dervishes. Maybe you’ll see one!

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