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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Baggage Weight

We’ve all been there when going on holiday; placing your suitcase coyly on the scales and avoiding eye contact with the member of staff behind the check-in desk, because you know that your bag weighs the same as a small Elephant and will, in no way, be within your 15kg or 20kg limit.

Well, some would say it serves you right for stuffing your suitcase full of booze, cheap foreign cigarettes or more tacky souvenirs than you could shake a stick at. Not us though. Here at, we’ve devised a list of tips to help your suitcase shed a few pounds.

  • Wear more, pack less – It’s not the most comfortable way to travel, particularly if you have to pile on layers of t-shirts in 40 degree heat on the way home from the Canary Islands, but wear as many of the clothes from your luggage as you can bear. You’d be surprised how much clothes can weigh!
  • Pack ‘disposable’ items – It’s inevitable that your suitcase will be heavier on the way back. Whilst you’ll have less heavy toiletries on the way home, you’ll have no doubt stuffed your suitcase with gifts for your friends, family and yourself, tipping it over the scales in terms of weight limit. Pack cheap beach towels and holiday clothes that you can treat as disposable and leave at your holiday destination.
  • Invest in a lighter suitcase – Suitcases, particularly ones big enough for a 2 week holiday, can be really heavy before they’ve even got anything in them. Some in excess of 5kg, which is easily a third or quarter of the weight you are allowed. Many new lines of suitcases have been designed to be much lighter, using lightweight materials, some which are now around 2kg or less.
  • Travel miniatures – Many supermarkets now stock miniature versions of toiletries that are designed for travel and holidays. You won’t need a jumbo sized shampoo for 7 days in the sun, so use your common sense and pack a travel sized bottle instead to save on the weight. Don’t forget to pack them in your main suitcase and not hand luggage, due to security restrictions.
  • Be brutal – When packing before going on holiday, ask yourself if you really need everything you’ve put in your case. Do you really need 12 pairs of flip flops, 20 bikinis and 6 pairs of sunglasses? Probably not! It’s all weight people, so be brutal with your packing decisions.
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