We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 travel journalists, writers and bloggers on Twitter, based on a hugely scientific* formula.

1.       Kevin May – Editor of Tnooz.com (@kevinlukemay)

2.       Benji Lanyado – Travel journalist, Guardian and NY Times (@benjilanyado)

3.       Darren Cronian – Blogger of travel-rants.com (@travelrants)

4.       Catherine Mack – Travel columnist, The Irish Times (@catherinemack)

5.       Carmen Roberts  – Travel reporter for BBC World’s Fast Track (@carmenlroberts)

6.       Caroline Eden – Occasional travel writer (@edentravels)

7.       Steve Keenan – Online travel editor, Sunday Times (@stevenkeenan)

8.       David Whitley – Freelance travel journalist (@mrdavidwhitley)

9.       Sally Shalam – Guardian and Conde Naste Traveller journalst (@sallyshalam)

10.   Amanda Statham – Travel editor for Cosmopolitan, You & Your Wedding and Cosmopolitan Bride (@Amanda_Statham)

11.   Guillaume Thevenot – Founder of hotel-blogs.com (@HotelBlogs)

12.   Shaney Hudson – Freelance travel writer (@shaneyhudson)

13.   John Honeywell – Captain Greybeard, Daily Mirror (@CaptGreybeard)

14.   Vicky Baker – Journalist specialising in South America – Reuters, Guardian etc. (@vickybaker)

15.   Lisa Minot – Travel Editor at The Sun (@lisaminot)

16.   Francisca Kellett – Digital Travel Editor at Telegraph Media Group (@FranKellett)

17.   Melissa Shales – South African Travel Correspondent for About.com (@melissashales)

18.   Lyn Hughes – Founder of Wanderlust Magazine (@Wanderlust_Lyn)

19.   Jill Starley Grainger – Travel journalist, editor and blogger (@UKtraveleditor)

20.   Annie Bennett – Spain specialist travel writer for UK national press (@anniebennett)

21.   Charles Starmer-Smith – Managing Editor, travel at Telegraph (@Starmers)

22.   Mike Walsh – Travel Weekly chief sub (@mikejwalsh)

23.   Will Hide – Travel writer, The Times (@willhide)

24.   Tom Hall – Travel journalist for Lonely Planet, BBC Radio and Guardian (@tomhalltravel)

25.   Nathan Midgley – Online editor and blogger for Travel Weekly (@twblog)

26.   John Oates – Travel writer (@john_oates)

27.   Mary Novakovich – Travel journalist, The Independent (@mary_novakovich)

28.   Olivia Greenway – Freelance travel writer (@oliviagreenway)

29.   Nigel Thompson – Daily Mirror Travel Editor (@MirrorTravel)

30.   Helen Ochyra – Freelance travel writer (@helenochyra)

31.   Daniel Pearce – Editor of Travel Trade Gazette (@DanielPearce)

32.   Pete Bell – Deputy Travel Editor at The Sun (@TheRealPeteBell)

33.   James Ellis – Travel writer (@worldofjames)

34.   Simon Busch – MSN Travel Editor (@MSNTravelEditor)

35.   Sarah Barrell – Freelance travel writer, Independent on Sunday (@TravelBarrell)

36.   Fiona Kerr – Editor of Conde Nast Brides Honeymoon Guide (@FiTravels)

37.    Paul Revel – Web editor for TTG media (@TravelbizPaul)

38.   Andy Hoskins – Deputy Editor, The Business Travel magazine (@andy_hoskins)

39.   Poorna Shetty – MSN Travel Editor (@MSNTravelPoorna)

40.   Jane Anderson – Author & editor of 101honeymoons.co.uk (@101honeymoons)

41.   Natalie Paris – Travel journalist at the Daily Telegraph (@laParis)

42.   Michel Travel Notes – Founder of TravelNotes.org and writer (@TravelTweet)

43.   Leo Bear – Freelance travel and lifestyle journalist (@leobear)

44.   Lee Hayhurst – Twgroup head of news editor (@leehayhurst)

45.   Michael Kerr – Deputy Travel Editor at the Daily Telegraph (@kerraway)

46.   Kate Simon – Travel Editor, Independent on Sunday (@traveltapper)

47.   Lauretta Wright – Editor of Travel Bulletin (@TravelBulletin)

48.   Sarah Gordon – Journalist writing for TravelMail.co.uk (@SaritaJG)

49.   Meera Dattani – Freelance travel writer for likes of Mail, MSN, National Geographic and Orange Travel (@no_fixed_plans)

50.   Gordon Lethbridge – Independent travel writer (@lethers)


*A combination of Klout, Peer Index and a sprinkling of fairy dust.

You can find/follow the full list on twitter here.

For further details on this survey or to receive the full Press Release, please contact Shannon Haigh at our Public Relations Agency – [email protected]

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22 Responses to “Top 50 travel journalists and bloggers to follow on Twitter”

  1. Crap list – I’m not on it!

  2. Kevin May says:

    Crap list – I’m on it! 😉

  3. Matt Parsons says:

    If it wasn’t for the inclusion of a couple of excellent TTG journalists, I’d slam this list as an absolute farce

  4. Kevin May says:

    @matt – indeed. What a bunch of charlatans they all are. 🙂

  5. Were it not for my inclusion on this list, I would suspect you’d just picked out the first 50 travel writers you could think of, irrespective of whether they engage or just pump out links to articles, and then assembled them in random order in a bid to get cheap publicity.

    Thankfully, that’s clearly not the case. The list is excellent, and the methodology not even vaguely suspect. Good work.

  6. Kevin May says:

    @david. yes, ordinarily I would assume that the motivation for putting together such a list would be to get people to link to it and share around their networks.

    Luckily we all know that Sunshine and its PR agency would never consider such a shocking tactic.

  7. Chris C says:

    @David many thanks, the complete methodology will of course remain a closely guarded secret, but it’d be fair to assume you can switch the words “fairy dust” with “alcohol”.

    @Kevin I’m glad you’ve given us the benefit of the doubt, we were merely trying to raise the profile of little known travel writers and bloggers to a wider audience *cough*

  8. Jeremy Head says:

    I’m pleased not to be part of this. As you say… raising the profile of ‘little known’ travel writers and bloggers.

  9. Kevin May says:

    @jeremy – yes, how about a *proper* list from a well known writer or blogger?

  10. Chris C says:

    Proper? How very dare you…:)

  11. Nomadic Matt says:

    I think this list should be called “50 travel journalists from England to follow”

  12. Kevin May says:

    @matt – no, i think they just didn’t find anyone outside of the UK worth following 😉

  13. Shaney Hudson says:

    @Matt I fully support the fairy dust legitimacy of this post. 🙂 (and I’m an Aussie in Holland- can’t go near England- they can’t play rugby to save their skin and the beer is warm 🙂

  14. Alastair McKenzie says:

    Agree with Nomadic Matt. These are almost all trad journos working online. Most are excellent and absolutely should be in this list – including the seven BGTW members 🙂 – but it must have taken a hell of a lot of “fairy dust” to elevate the ones with Klout scores in the 20s and those with just 80 twitter followers.

    Most importantly WTF are the new generation of highly influential UK-based bloggers like Kash Bhattacharya, Karen Bryan, Abigail King, Andy Jarosz, Matt Preston, Jools Stone, etc etc?????

  15. Karen Bryan says:

    Sob, sob, I’m not on list and I write for the sunshine.co.uk blog. Maybe they didn’t want to be accused of being biased?
    1Quite honestly, who cares, I aim to reach out beyond the online travel community to “real” readers and travellers, who don’t care about your Twitter Klout, which BTW can easily be manipulated.

  16. Kevin May says:

    See, Sunshine, look what you started!! [intentionally, no doubt]

  17. Karen Bryan says:

    Yes I think this is all a clever ploy to get aggrieved, non listed, bloggers ranting?

  18. Kevin May says:

    @karen – indeed…

    although slightly (and disappointingly for you) ironic that a Sunshine.co.uk writer didn’t make it!!

    Mr Clarkson, you need some quality control over that PR agency!!

  19. Kevin May says:

    Just realised another Sunshine writer, the fabulous Andrew Hayes, is not included either.

    Schurely schome mishtake>?!?!

  20. Andy says:

    No mistake. My agent asked for my name to be removed 🙂

  21. Huh? Why wasn’t I number 1??? 😉

  22. Oh, that made up for the leading editor who told me today, in no uncertain words, that people didn’t want to read anything green any more. Thanks for the Monday boost!

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