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Our Top Ten Funniest Searches Revealed

It would seem some people aren’t happy with the traditional holiday destinations, like Spain and France, choosing instead to search for something a little out of the ordinary. Last week we released the top ten funniest search terms that have been entered into the website over the past two years.

There have been more than 800 searches for the Isle of Fernando’s.

Despite it being a fictional setting created for the ITV dating show ‘Take Me Out’, over 800 people searched for ‘The Isle of Fernando’s’ when trying to book a holiday. The island on which the couples spend their date is in fact Tenerife, but the producers of the show decided to rename it, possibly to add more mystery to the dates.

Other obscure searches included over 600 searches for ‘Emmerdale’ and just over 200 searches for the island on ‘Lost,’ both places we wouldn’t have expected people to want to visit for a holiday.

The top obscure search, however, was for ‘Pandora’ from the film Avatar.

The destinations that had been searched for most in our obscure top ten was ‘Pandora’, which is the fictional setting for the 2010 blockbuster Avatar.

Other notable searches on the website include people looking for trips to Essex and Bolton, despite the fact that we are a travel agency that provides overseas holidays to sunny destinations, not rainy English hotspots. If this is the sort of thing you’re after, you could always try rain.co.uk.

Most of the searches on the website are for perfectly normal holidays

Most of you use the site to search for perfectly normal holidays to destinations like France or Florida. However, occasionally we spot the odd rogue search term and they are actually a lot more common than you would expect.

We also see search terms for things like ‘spinach’ and ‘coca-cola’. These ones are slightly harder to explain!

The top ten funniest searches, along with the number of times the term was searched for in the past two years on sunshine.co.uk, were as follows:

1.       Pandora (the fictional setting of Avatar) – 917

2.       Isle of Fernando’s – 826

3.       Atlantis – 772

4.       Emmerdale – 621

5.       Neverland – 603

6.       Middle Earth – 522

7.       The Island on ‘Lost’ – 237

8.       Isle of Naboombu (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) – 114

9.       Mars – 104

10.     Naboo (planet from Star Wars) – 81

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