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This weekend’s the worst for winter blues!

If you’re feeling a little low and in need of a holiday at the moment, turns out you’re not alone! We’ve looked back through site statistics from the past couple of years and have noticed that most bookings for holidays the following year happen in the last weekend of October, which is this weekend.

“62% – just booking a holiday makes them feel better”

With that in mind, we’ve branded it the ‘winter blues weekend’ as it’s the time of year when most people look to escape the gloomy UK weather and book a holiday abroad for something to look forward to.

“11% – hate going a year without a holiday”

Here at, we’ve also carried out a bit of research to find out how important holidays are to you and to see just how good they make you feel. We spoke to 1,489 British holidaymakers and found that 62% claim just booking a holiday makes them feel better – and that’s without even boarding the plane to jet off somewhere sunny!

One in ten (11%) said they hate going a year without a holiday and a cheeky third even admitted to looking up holidays whilst at work (and we don’t blame you).

“UK weather – more than two-thirds of us ‘feel low'”

More than three quarters, 78%, said they waited until the winter months to book their holiday and when asked way more than half said it was so they had something to look forward to.

The British weather makes more than two thirds of us ‘feel low’ and 9% even want to live abroad one day.

What’s even more surprising from the study is that, even though almost 100% of us say we feel refreshed after a holiday, it takes just four weeks of being home in the UK for us to feel like we need to jet off again.

“82% – look forward to a holiday MORE than Christmas or Birthdays!”

We even look forward to holidays more so in a year than Christmas and Birthdays and, let’s face it, it’s easy to see why.

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